Birthday Cake Bubble Bath & Body Wash

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Bursting with benefits for both forming a rich foamy lather for your skin and a sensational bubble bath, our Birthday Cake Bubble Bath & Body Wash is an essential fragrance to add to your collection of blissful bath treats! Creative and fun, all while relaxing to the mind and wrapped up in a creamy, sugary fragrance!


Restore your skin in a bubble bath or form a rich lather in your hands with our two-in-one Bubble Bath & Body Wash blends! To activate, either drop a tablespoon or more of the wash for a bubble bath, or use the product on its own as a lathering gel!

How to Use

For a relaxing bubble bath, pour two tablespoons into bath water directly beneath the faucet and turn water on full strength. The greater the force, the more bubbles. Make sure to rinse really well. As a body wash, wet body and massage a small amount of gel onto body, working into a lather. Rinse well.

Safe & Natural

Free of parabens, animal ingredients and unnecessary chemicals. Made with natural and biodegradable ingredients. Eco-friendly. Not tested on animals. Child-safe.

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