Raspberry Cream Mini Bath Fizzies

$ 12.00
SKU: 550-083-000


Soothe and soften your skin with our Raspberry Cream Mini Bath Fizzies! These beautiful Fizzies are fun to hold in the palm of your hand before allowing them to dissolve and envelop your skin and senses in a cloud of raspberries and sweet cream!


These pint-sized Mini Bath Fizzies come in a rainbow of unique fragrances, infused with our 8-Oil Blend for ultra-nourishing results! Drop one or multiple Mini Fizzies in your tub and let them work their moisturizing magic!

How to Use

Fill your bathtub with water (any temperature will do), then drop in one, two, three, four or even all five - just be prepared to be ridiculously soft! Sit back and relax while your skin is moisturized and your senses soothed. 

Safe & Natural

Free of animal ingredients and unnecessary chemicals. Made with natural and biodegradable ingredients. Eco-friendly. Not tested on animals. Child-safe.

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