Mint Mojito Lip Scrub

$ 8.00
SKU: 300-022-000


Make your lips supple and striking with a touch of our Mint Mojito Lip Scrub! Like the rich island cocktail, this lime-scented scrub is designed for that beautiful smile meant to dazzle each and every time, making your lips glisten with newfound health and beauty.


  • The perfect moisturizer for your lips, each Lip Scrub exfoliates and restores through the power of Vitamin E, Avocado Oil and Shea Butter!
  • To use, apply a pinch of the Scrub to your lips for that perfectly bright smile!

How to Use

Take a small amount of Lip Scrub and gently massage into your lips. Rinse and reveal soft, supple lips!

Safe & Natural

Free of animal ingredients and unnecessary chemicals. Made with natural and biodegradable ingredients. Eco-friendly. Not tested on animals. Child-safe.

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