About Fizz & Bubble

About the Company
Fizz & Bubble bath-time treats are the only handmade confections created with a decadent combination of 8 natural oils packed with healing properties that leave your skin smooth, supple, relaxed and restored! From Fizzies to Cupcakes to Milkshakes and more, we’ve created a pretty sweet array of luxurious bath and shower treats. Experience fun and frothy bathtub bubbles, effervescent fizz, sweet and softening sugar scrubs, restorative body washes and scent-sational salts great for morning, noon and night! We are all about first impressions, with pinpoint scents that pique your senses and renew memories, creating millions of new bath fanatics everywhere!

Whether you have 40 minutes or 40 seconds, Fizz & Bubble bath-time treats have everything you need in one product, so go ahead… fizz, bubble, rinse and repeat.

About our Founder, Kimberly Barnes
Kimberly Barnes is the founder and creative entrepreneur behind the Fizz & Bubble brand. She’s taken an ordinary daily ritual and turned it into an extraordinary experience. Like many busy moms on-the-go, Kimberly didn’t have a lot of time to herself, so when she had a minute to soak it all in, she made sure to get as many benefits as possible out of her bath.  With this inspiration, whether it was fun, playful, relaxing or detoxifying, Kimberly has turned the home bath space into lavish and luxurious alone time without the glaring price tag. With a creative twist on bath and body products, her one-of- a-kind handmade confections deliver decadent results thanks to her careful research, relentless lab tests and a passion for quality ingredients that not only make beautiful bathwater and fizzy sounds, but also relax and restore. Kimberly's mission is simple: create natural products that are both fun and fancy, made with layer upon layer of body benefits, love for health and a special kind of joy and passion that can only be found in Fizz & Bubble.
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