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Dessert For Your SKIN?

Yep, it's real.

We believe in treats that make you glow on the outside and feel fab on the inside, from bath to shower to your body all over.

From the very first handmade Artisan Bath Bomb in the corner of our founder's kitchen, to cupcake bath bombs inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's favorite sweets in Sex & The City, to sugar scrubs, shower steamers and beyond, our decadent treats are handcrafted to make you glow both in and out of the bath.

At Fizz & Bubble, we know that sweet treats and bath-time are a winning deal.

Let's Pop Back into 2008...

We were small, then. Full of dreams. Bath bombs aplenty and one mission in mind: make those precious moments of self-care the best of the day.

We rolled up our sleeves, gathered ingredients we knew would knock your bath-tub out of boring and into fab, and tested product after product to deliver sweet benefits, moisturizing bliss, and scent-sational experiences you can't live without.

Millions of sweet treats sold and over a decade later, we've grown until we stand where we are now.

Bigger, better and sweeter than ever.

Signature Ingredients That Work.

We hand-select ingredients that work for your skin and make self-care delectable, including our proprietary Ultra-Moisturizing 8-Oil Blend. It's been here since the beginning. Seriously. 

Giving back has never felt so sweet!

We're sweetening up lives, one bath bomb (and hand sanitizer) at a time! We're proud to say our hero products give us the opportunity to help people glow better and feel beautiful, too.

May '20 sanitizers for care kits for care kits for medical professionals and essential workers #whilewestayhome  

Meet Our Founder.

Kimberly Mitchell founded Fizz & Bubble to make those precious moments of self-care decadent, accessible, and irresistible to the senses as well as the skin.

Starting from her own kitchen, she hand-made the original Fizz & Bubble Bath Bomb with simple, sweet fragrances and ingredients she knew would change the world of bath and beauty forever.

We may be a bit biased, but we think she succeeded.